Intentional Culture
With the evolution of technology and ever-changing work environment, Intentional Marketing is a virtual company that taps the resources and unique talents of people throughout the country and even in other parts of the world.
Skype is our best friend, cloud operations are standard affair, SaaS is at the core of our workflow, and our results reflect those of an organization completely in-sync and working within the confines of a high-rise office suite. Our unique ability to operate successfully under such a virtual environment speaks to the strength of our commitment, drive, and desire to help our clients succeed.

Intentional Staff
The staff of Intentional Marketing is comprised of a variety of specialists in the areas of technology, marketing, business development, web design, creative branding and design, writing, software development, and a host of other micro-specialties.
The principals, Sean Duff and Charles Bobo, provide the leadership and serve as the initial points of contact for clients. Additional team members are brought in based upon clients specific needs and project requirements. Meetings include face-to-face as well as video calls on a regular basis. Our relationships are typically with the C-level personnel in a confidant and advisory role.

Intentional Marketing — Principals

Sean Duff —
Prior to co-founding Intentional Marketing, Sean owned and operated a regional WISP in Northern Nevada. A technologist, Sean previously held product management and engineering positions at ServGate. A contributing technical editor and writer, Sean has been published in LabRat Magazine and InfoWorld Magazine. Sean’s varied technical background includes integrated voice and data network and Wide Area Network design at major carriers, AT&T and Cable & Wireless.
Sean lives in Reno with his family, enjoying the benefits of working from home and specializing in providing web marketing services for his clients. Sean is the specialist in anything and everything technical and web-related, and heads Intentional Marketings SEO, social media, and web integration strategies. E-mail Sean.

Charles Bobo —
Charles brings a diverse agency, and traditional and digital media background to Intentional Marketing. Charles founded a media and agency firm representing clients such as the Nevada Commission on Tourism, Methodist Hospital, Douglas County Nevada, and the Sacramento Metro Chamber. He helped Swift Communications, Inc. develop a digital presence for 26 newspapers, where he lead the media migration and integration of the ad server application and migration of more than 7,500 advertisers into the new systems.
Proving the virtual existence of businesses in todays society, Charles lives in Colorado Springs with his family and also works from home. Charles engages in everything content-related, and heads Intentional Marketings client consulting, strategic planning, and business development work. E-mail Charles.